This tool can not create extensions that will support Firefox 57+. You should look though the button list for those that are marked as compatible.

Locale & Application
  • About

    Open the about window. Useful for checking exactly what version you have installed.

  • List and open any of the about pages

    Lists all the "about" pages so that they can be opened.

  • Open about:config to change settings

    Open about:config to change hidden settings that cannot be edited from the Options window.

    All Mozilla based programs have settings that can not be changed in the options window. These hidden settings are all reveled in the about:config where anything can be changed or reset.

  • Open about:plugins to view installed plugins

    Open about:plugins to view installed plug-ins.

  • Open account settings

    Open Account Settings in Thunderbird.

  • Run wizard to setup a new account

    Run Account Wizard to set up a new account in Thunderbird.

  • Copy Email Address to Address Book

    Add a new email address to the address book.

  • Open the preference window of an add-on.

    Displays a submenu that allows you to open the option window for any add-on that has one.

  • Open Add-ons Manager

    Opens the Add-ons window to perform tasks on your installed Extensions, Themes, Plug-ins and Language packs.

    The Add-on's window allows the installation and management of all your extensions and themes. If you need an update, change a setting, swap themes or enable/disable an add-on the Add-ons' window is the place to go. Being able to access this quickly is a necessity for anyone that uses even a handful of add-ons.

    The button also contains a drop down menu that allows you to install add-ons, open the add-ons window to the extension or themes tab, or set which websites can install addons.

  • View All Threads

    View all the threads in the current folder, not just unread or some other sub set.

  • Send the Selected Thread to the Archive

    Send the Selected Thread to the Archive

  • Quickly Change the Current Dictonary

    Change the currently in use Dictionary to a different one with a simple drop down menu.

  • Change the text direction from left to right or right to left

    Change the text direction from left to right or right to left.

  • Open

    Opens various pages of the website.

  • Compact Folder

    Compact all Folders; removes redundant information left from deleted messages.

  • Copy Selected Text

    Copy selected text.

  • Copy Email Address to Clipboard

    Copy the email address of the currently open email the the clip board.

  • Create filter from message

    Create a message filter from the currently selected message.

  • Create a New Profile

    Create a new profile.

  • Customize toolbar, add or remove buttons etc.

    Open the customize toolbar window to add or remove items from your toolbar.

    The customize Toolbar window is where every button from this extension and others like it get placed for you to then move to your toolbar. Creating the perfect set up is always a moving target that is never quite achieved, but this will make it a little quicker to get there.

  • Cut Selected Text

    Cut selected text.

  • Delete Selected Text

    Delete the currently selected item(s) or text.

  • Delete All Attachments From Message

    Delete Attachments from and email.

  • Delete Selected Events

    Delete an event.

  • Delete Junk Messages

    Empty the junk email folder of all junk email.

  • Delete Selected Tasks

    Delete a task.

  • Detach All Attachments From Message

    Detach Attachments from an email.

  • Document Object Model Inspector

    Open the DOM (Document Object Model) Inspector to view and manipulate the DOM tree.

  • Run download and sync before going offline

    Runs the download and sync now tool, so that messages can be used when you go offline.

  • Edit Message as New

    Edit an email.

  • Edit Saved Draft or Message

    Edit a message that you have saved as a draft.

  • Show the edit menu

    Show the edit menu.

  • Toggle what email headers show

    Sets what headers are displayed for an open message.

  • Empty The Trash Folder

    Empty the Trash Folder

  • Open the Error Console

    Open the error console to view errors caused by scripts.

    The error console is every developers best friend. Trying to find the line where you went wrong can be very hard with out so clue particularly in long or complex scripts. It shows errors from JavaScript, CSS, XML and even from the program itself should that be enabled.

    If the error console is disabled, this button will, depending on its setting, open the "Web Console" or "Browser Console" which now serve the same function.

  • Exit Application

    This button not only closes the current window, but every one that the current application may have open. It is a lot quicker than finding all windows and closing them one at a time.

    Finished browsing or reading all your emails, left lots of windows open? Don't want to have to shut them all one at a time? This little button can close them all, with out you having to do it all.

  • Open Extension Manager

    Open the Extensions Manager to install, uninstall or do any other needed tasks to any of your extensions.

  • Show the file menu

    Show the file menu.

  • Set up Message Filters

    Add or edit you current message filters.

  • Find Text

    Open the find bar to find a word in the current page.

  • Find Next Match

    Find the next bit of text that matches your search.

  • Find Previous Match

    Find the previous bit of text that matches your search.

  • Show the Format Menu

    Show the Format Menu

  • Forward message as an attachment

    Forward the current message as an attachment.

  • Forward message as part of the email

    Forward the current message as part of the email.

  • Free Unused Memory

    Free unused memory that Firefox is currently using.

  • Get more Thunderbird extensions

    Open on the page to get more Thunderbird extensions. Link can be change using about:config if you prefer another site.

  • Change Focused Folder to the Inbox

    Change the currently selected folder to your Inbox.

  • Get more Thunderbird themes

    Open the Themes Manager to change your theme or install a new one. Only works in Firefox 1.5. Firefox 2 users should use the Add-ons Button.

  • Show the Go Menu

    Show the Go Menu

  • Open help documentation

    Open the application help documentation.

  • Open Help Menu

    Show the Help Menu

  • Toggle visibility of all toolbars, except the main toolbar

    Toggle the visibility of all toolbar, other then the main toolbar.

  • Set if Message is shown as HTML or Plain Text

    Set if the message is displayed as HTML, sanitized HTML (all the possible nasties removed) or as plain text.

  • View Ignored Threads

    View all the threads in the current folder that are set as ignored.

  • Import Settings and Data

    Import settings and data from another application.

  • Show Insert Menu

    Show Insert Menu

  • Install an extension or theme

    Install an extension or theme file you have downloaded and stored on your hard drive. Middle clicking the button will open the window to control which sites can install extensions.

    Installing Extensions and particularly themes that you have downloaded can be quite a trick. This button makes the process simple and hassle free.

  • Open Language Manager

    Open the Language Manager to enable or disable or do any other needed tasks to any of your language packs.

  • All menus

    Show all the menus in a single menu.

  • Show the Message Menu

    Show the Message Menu

  • Toggle Message Pane

    Show/Hide the Message Pane.

  • Minimize current window

    Minimize the current window.

    I hate popups that don't show the minimize button on the window itself. This has been my solution. Also when I use full screen mode, and then want to minimize the window, this again this comes in useful.

  • Add a new event to the calendar.

    Add a new event into the calendar.

  • Add a new task to the calendar.

    Add a new task to the calendar.

  • Get Real Next Message

    Get the next message. Unlink the default Thunderbird buttons this just go to the next in the list, or if shift is pressed, the next unread.

  • Mark the selected messages as not junk

    Mark the selected messages as Not Junk.

  • Open a File

    Open a file stored on your local hard drive. Can be used to install extensions or themes.

  • Open current message in Conversation

    Open the current message in a conversation tab

  • Open options

    Opens the Options window so you can change settings easily.

    Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird all have a huge number of settings. Often you will find a need to change one. About to visit your banking site, so you want pop ups enabled, or what ever your current need might be. The button brings the option window to you quicker.

  • Show Options Menu

    Show the options menu in the compose mail window.

  • Toggle between the default and the site's page colours

    Toggles between using the default colors (that tend to be easily readable) and the colors set by the web pages author.

  • Toggle between the default and the sites fonts

    Toggle between the use of the fonts used by the site and those that are set as the default.

  • Setup how the page is printed

    Define margins, orientation, and set up how the page is printed.

  • Open Password Manager

    Opens the password manager to view saved passwords

  • Paste

    Paste text.

  • Paste as a Quotation

    Paste text so that it appears as a quoted message.

  • Paste Text With No Formatting

    Paste text into Thunderbird without any formatting.

  • Open Plugin Manager

    Open the Plugin Manager to enable or disable or do any other needed tasks to any of your plugins.

  • Get Real Previous Message

    Get the previous message. Unlink the default Thunderbird buttons this just go to the previous in the list, or if shift is pressed, the previous unread.

  • View your profile folder

    View your profile folder to find files (such as you bookmarks) to back them up.

    Finding your profile folder can be a slow and annoying process. So this button does it for you in a flash, no more digging though all your folders.

  • Compact Folder, and Delete Junk

    Delete all junk emails then compact all folders. Quick way to do both at the same time.

  • Read Message

    Open the currently selected message in Thunderbird.

  • Redo Last Change

    Redo the late change.

  • Reload Proxy

    Reload the currently in use proxy.

  • Set the exceptions for what remote content can load.

    Opens the window to set exceptions for the loading of remote content

  • Reply only to the sender of the email

    Reply only to the sender of the email.

  • Reset Text Size

    Reset Text Size to the default setting.

  • Restart Application

    Restart the current application after installing a new extension, theme or plug-in.

    There is a number of reasons you may want to restart the program your using. Though having installed an extension is the most common. This button take all the hassle and work out of it.

  • Toggle Return Receipt on/off

    Toggle the sending of a return receipt on and off.

  • Rewrap

    Rewraps the message text

  • Run an external application

    Runs an external application

  • Save document as

    Save the currently open document, or image to a file.

    Saving a page or email for later viewing or to send to a friend is a much needed functionality, so much so that there really should be a toolbar button for it.

  • Save All Attachments From Message

    Save Attachments from an message.

  • Open Addresses Search

    Open the advanced address search window.

  • Open Message Search

    Open the advanced message search window to find an email.

  • Select All Text

    Select all the text in the current text box, web page, etc.

  • Send and receive messages

    Send all messages in the outbox and get all new messages.

  • Send message without saving a copy

    Send message with out saving a copy to the sent folder. If you want this as the permanent behaviour, there is an option in account settings under 'Copies & Folders'

  • Delete message with out sending it to the Trash

    Delete a message with out sending it to the Trash. This will completely remove the message so that it can not be recovered.

  • View Page Source

    View the page or message source code.

  • Toggle The Status Bar

    Toggle the status bar from hidden to shown. Hide it to get the most out of your screen space, and show it when it really needed.

  • Change Profile that you are currently using.

    Switch the Profile that you are currently using.

  • Toggle Tasks in View

    Toggle the Task in View panel in Sunbird.

  • Open Themes Manager

    Open the themes manager to change you theme or install a new one.

  • View Threads With Unread

    View only the threads in the current folder that have unread messages.

  • Toggle the menu bar

    Toggle the menu bar. Don't put this button on the menu bar!

  • Toggle The Proxy On & Off

    Toggles the Proxy between on and off for quick changing of networks.

  • Toggle Message Read Status

    Toggle the Read status of the currently selected message.

  • Toggle Starred Status

    Toggle the starred status (look for the star next to the message).

  • Toggle the task bar

    Toggle the task bar between visible and hidden.

  • Toggle the Main Toolbar

    Toggle the main toolbar from showing to hidden. Don't place it on the main toolbar, it is disabled then and will not work.

  • Change Toolbar Icon Size and Display Mode

    Set the toolbar icon size as either large or small, and the button display mode between icons, icons and text, or text only.

  • Hide/Show Toolbars

    Show and hide toolbars quickly and easily.

    Toolbars use up valuable screen real estate, removing them frees this up to show more web page or email depending on what your doing.

  • Show the tools menu

    Show the tools menu.

  • Undo Last Change

    Undo last change/action.

  • View Unread Threads

    View threads that you have not read yet.

  • Check For Updates

    Check for updates to the currently open application.

  • Show the view menu

    Show the view menu.

  • View Watched Threads With Unread

    View watched threads that have unread messages in them.

  • Toggle work offline

    Toggle Work Offline and Work Online.

  • Enlarge Text Size

    Enlarge the text size on sites that makes the text so small you can't read it.

  • Reduce Text Size

    Reduce the text size so it is not so big.

  • Toggle between text and page zoom.

    Toggle between text and page zoom.

* These buttons are not in the official release, but will be added if they are popular here.


People who used the buttons you picked, also used these buttons.


Normally the buttons would just be added to the "Customise Toolbar" window. But we can also run a script when the extension is first installed to add them into the main toolbar for you. After you can still customise where they placed as before.

Normally extensions get installed into Firefox, but if you intend to install the created extension into Thunderbird etc. check this box and you will be prompted to download the extension instead.

If enabled a suitable number of toolbars will be created to fit your selection of buttons. Then your selection will be added onto these toolbars (unless you have selected to have them added to the main toolbar).

A menu of all the selected buttons can be created and placed in the Tools menu. This feature is experimental and some buttons may fail to work.

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