Codefisher Projects


Most of the projects here are admittedly only semi-active. This is because I started most of them back when I was a student. However, I am rather busy these days or have moved on to other things. Nevertheless, I do have the hope I will revive them fully eventually, so here they are.

Toolbar Buttons Icon

Toolbar Buttons

My oldest Firefox extension was Toolbar Buttons, which still lives on. Originally it was a massive pack of buttons that just about everything. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, one can not create such an extension for Firefox anymore. But I am working to develop each buttons as individual extensions.

Sharp Colour Picker Icon

Sharp Colour Picker

Sharp Colour Picker is a colour selection tool. It has a colour wheel, colour pallet, and HSL panel.

Pastel SVG Icon

Pastel SVG Icons

Pastel SVG is an icon set based on famous silk icons found on It uses the same style, so some icons are almost identical. The project’s goal is to recreate the entire set in a full range of sizes while adding many icons we think the original set is missing. It is about 80% complete.