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Preview of some Pastel SVG Icons


Pastel SVG is an icon set based on the popular silk icons found at It uses the same style, and the icons are virtually identical. The goal will be to soon have all the icons in the original set.

The most significant addition of this set is that the icons were created as Scalable Vector Graphics, which enables the icons to be made at many larger sizes than only the 16×16 that existed in the original set.

The icons can be downloaded (5.4 MB) as a zip that contains icons in the sizes 16, 24, 32 and 48 or as a larger download (26.3 MB) that includes icons in the sizes 64, 72, 96, 128, 256.

Please do not link directly to the downloads, as these links will likely change as I update the package.

Getting the SVG source files

All of the above downloads only provide the PNG files generated from the SVG files I created. If you would like to use the SVG files, please get in contact. Or you can get them off

What is Next

The Pastel SVG Icon set currently has more icons than the original, but it still lacks 250+ icons from the silk icon set. We are working on adding them soon.

Also, many of the 24×24 icons don’t look their best. This is because they are scaled 1.5x from the 16 icons, which causes many lines not to align perfectly, causing the icons to look slightly blurred. To fix this blurring, it is necessary to create a new version of the icons that have been retouched for this size. This has been done for 100+ icons, but that still leaves a long way to go.

Finally, we are very open to requests for new icons that might be a valuable addition to the icon set. Please get in contact.


The Pastel SVG icon set Created by Michael Buckley is licensed under the

Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial Share Alike 4.0

However, additionally, I would kindly ask that:

  1. For non-commercial use, a link to the home page is appreciated but in no way required.
  2. If you put the Pastel SVG package on another web host in a modified form, you provide a link to the Pastel SVG home page as part of the attribution.

For those that want to use the icons commercially, I ask that you first make a donation and then you may use it under the following license.

Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0