Toolbar Buttons Frequently Asked Questions

I have installed your extension, how come I don't see any change?

You need to put the buttons you want on your toolbar yourself, I don't want to force any on for you. To do this you need to open the customize toolbar window. There are two ways of doing this "right clicking" the toolbar and selecting Customize. Or going to the View menu, then to the Toolbars sub menu and the last item in the menu will be Customize. In the window that comes up there will be many buttons shown. You can then drag these to the toolbar with your mouse.

I still don't see any buttons!

Sometimes this does happen, and there is nothing I can personally do about it. Some extensions screw up how toolbar buttons are handled. One example of such an extension at the time of writing the the Skype plugin. The good news is though, if you disable it, and get the buttons onto the toolbar they will stay there after it is enabled again.

I want a button that does something but it is not there!

I have had many requests for buttons before, if you post on the Forums in this thread and the buttons sounds useful I will add it in for you. Even if I do take a while to get around to doing it.

I pressed install, and the extension shows fine in Firefox but I can't get it to show in Thunderbird?

Firefox can't read your mind. When you click install, it installs it because it is compatible with Firefox. On this site I provide a link that forces the extension to download not install, but on you must right click the link save it to your hard drive. Once downloaded install it from Thunderbird's Extension / Add-ons window.

What happened to the "Text Formatting Toolbar"?

For several reasons I pulled it out of Toolbar Buttons. You can still get it though, from its own page

There is too many buttons, I only want one!

I realize that not everyone wants as many buttons as I provide, so you can just install your pick of them using the Custom Toolbar Button Maker.

I would like toolbar buttons in my own language, I see you already provide some.

All the translations are generously done be the volunteers at If you want to add another translation, your more than welcome.

The Read Mail/Read News buttons does not work/shows an alert.

I like to actually call this a Windows bug, as they are the one the created a very unreliable system to start with. Sometimes the path to the default mail client can't be correctly determined. This has got worse in Firefox 3 as they removed their code for doing it, and mine is not as stable. So you have to provide it. Go to the Tools menu, click Add-ons in the window the comes up selection Toolbar Buttons and click its Options button. Change the Mail Client Path to that of your mail client. Hopefully that means Thunderbird in which case the path is C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe by default.

I can't fit all the button on the toolbar. What can I do now?

The first option is to add a new toolbar, there is a button to do this in Firefox's Customize Toolbar Window. Thunderbird lacks such a button, but you can use the TB Custom Toolbar extension to have one added. Or you could try adding buttons to the menu bar up the top of the window, which is normally just wasted space.

My question is not here, what now?

Post on the forum and I will try and help you.