Toolbar Buttons 1.1

Toolbar Buttons is the single biggest button pack for Firefox or Thunderbird there is. There are now nearly 150 Firefox and 100 for Thunderbird. You will find buttons that enable hidden functionality or is too many clicks away, but some of the best buttons are those unique to the extension. For example from some of out most popular buttons, there are menu items for, Options, Bookmark Manager, Bookmark Page, and Add-ons, but for Snap Back, Restart and about:config there is no existing user interface. There have been nearly 2 million downloads to date.

To find out more information about each of the buttons, please see our Button List which has descriptions of all the buttons.

Once installed to get started using the buttons open the Customize Coolbar window by either right clicking on the toolbar and selecting Customize from the pop up menu or going View then Toolbars then Customize and from the window that opens up you can drag the buttons to your toolbar.

Help & Support

If you find bugs or have a question just post on our Forums or check the FAQ.

Have an idea for a new button that you would like? We are eager to hear your ideas, just make a suggestion on our Forums (No need to register!)

News & Updates

Creating and maintaining this add-on takes time and effort. If you would consider Donating it would be very welcome.

Future Goals

1.1 Release Notes

Released May 3, 2015
  • Changed over to a restartless installation method.
  • Due to nameing conflict the internal name of the Open File button was changed. That will case it to return to Customize Toolbar window.
  • Fixed the toggle proxy button, that was not working right due to the change in the default preference. Also added a Menu.
  • Further patches for SeaMonkey.
  • Menu added to the Add-ons and Toggle Cookies Buttons. Feedback welcome on how people like this being done to various buttons.
  • The Set Multiple Home Pages function on the Set Home Page button as fixed.
  • The translate button now supports multiple translations services.
  • The options window was updated and expanded.
  • Bookmark Manager can now open in a tab, on middle click, or based on a setting.
  • Error Console, if disabled, can now open the Browser Console or Web Console.
  • Fixed the Page Colors button for Firefox 37+
  • Improved translations by importing strings from the Firefox and Thunderbird translations.
  • The Toggle Status Bar button in back in Firefox, and if there is no Status Bar, the button now creates it.
  • Some people have complained there are too many buttons, others that there are not enough. We have taken that to mean there is too much if what you don't want, and not enough of what you do, so we have:
    • Removed some buttons that the Custom Toolbar Button Maker indicates are very rarely used, though they can still be downloaded from there. These buttons are: Toggle Starred, Copy Email, Threads With Unread, Ignored Threads, Unread Threads, Watched Threads with Unread, Change Home, Get Inbox, Read.
    • Added some other buttons that have shown to be much more popular including: Reload, Stop, New Tab, Print, Menu, about:about, Passwords. We have other buttons lined up to be added in the next release.
  • Sunbird support dropped.
  • The compatibility support has changed, so that as a minimum version 29 Firefox/Thunerbird is need.
  • Added a new translation for Slovenian, thanks to Peter Klofutar.
  • Added new buttons to the Mail Header in Thunderbird, including the Zoom in and out buttons.

Compatibility: Pale Moon 20.0 to 25.* , Postbox 1.0.0 to 3.0.* , SeaMonkey 2.20 to 2.38 , Thunderbird 20.0 to 41.0

For other versions of toolbar buttons see: all release notes.

Custom Button Maker

If you don't want to have all the button in Toolbar Buttons, but rather just the sub set that you want, you can use the Custom Button Maker to create just that. It allows you to select buttons from a list and have an extension made with just your selection. It also has a number of extra features over the main release:

  • New buttons that we have made, but have not yet decided to put into the released version of Toolbar Buttons.
  • The option of generating toolbars to hold the buttons that you want.
  • The option of using larger icon sizes.
  • An optional experimental feature that creates a menu to access all the buttons.
  • Extra settings to change in the options window, and extra features on a few buttons.

The Custom Button Maker also servers as a testing ground for new buttons and features, those that prove popular are added to the main extension.

Translation, Please Help!

Toolbar Buttons depends on volunteers for translations. Could you help out? Can you be that one in 10,000 person that needs to respond to have all the translations finished? If you can, please head over to BabelZilla and sign up to Toolbar Buttons translation team!

Releated Projects

Link Buttons

We have been asked for buttons that open many different web pages, so we created a simple tool, the link button maker, so that you can easily create toolbar buttons to any page you wish.

Pastel SVG

Do you like the icons we use? We certainly do, that is why we created them. If you like then to, visit the Pastel SVG home page and download them for your own use too.

Text Formatting Toolbar

Text Formatting Toolbar contains buttons and other tools to help you format text on forums as BBcode or HTML along with the format used by Wikipedia. It's aim is to turn the task of formatting web posts into something enjoyable. Download the Text Formatting Toolbar.