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The Custom Button Maker and Extension Signing

by Michael

Firefox will begin to require that all extensions be signed starting with Firefox 40 which is due out in August. That will effect, at least for some time, the Custom Button Maker.

Mozilla has promised that the will provide a way of automatically signing extensions, so that programs like my own will be able to sign the extension automatically. But also warned that this will not be available when the first versions of Firefox that will require are released. So for some time all extensions made from it will not install.

While waiting for an automated system to sign the generated extensions there are some work arounds. One is not to upgrade past Firefox 39 for awhile. I don't recommend this as you will miss out on important security updates. Other options are to move to another supported browser like Pale Moon or SeaMoneky which though similar to Firefox, will not require extension signing (yet). Mozilla has also promised an unbranded version of Firefox with extension signing disabled, but details on that are still lacking.

To help I have started to upload some of the popular buttons to You can find them on my profile page.

Some people might be tempted to upload the buttons as unlisted extensions on AMO. I ask that you kindly don't unless you first change the extensions ID, or else you will cause problems for me later.

2,000,000 Downloads of Toolbar Buttons

by Michael

Over the weekend, Toolbar Buttons passed the 2,000,000 download mark on! At one point I though that might happen never the end of this year, but being the featured add-on this month has made downloads go so fast, it has been a great experience to watch.

I am hoping to get the next release out soon, with a whole lot of improvements, just some bugs I am having problems with. I also hope to start releasing some versions of that Toolbar Buttons that are collections of buttons based on particular themes, such as Tabs, or Bookmarks or Developer Tools. I have also been in contact with the maintainers of LXLE Desktop who are interested in making a version of Toolbar Buttons installed by default in their distribution of Linux. So much going on, it is amazing!

Moving Code to GitHub

by Michael

Recently I have begun to move my active projects over to GitHub from svn. The general idea is that it will make it much easier for others to contribute. So far I have created 10 repositories. And here is a summary of the main ones:

Toolbar Buttons
Toolbar Buttons, which is the featured add-on of the month, is my last collection of buttons for Firefox and Thunderbird.
This is the build system going on sdk/toolkit that I developed to manage Toolbar Buttons. It is now almost decoupled from it and ready for general use.
The Django applications that run this site. Its goal is to be for web masters, what Django is for web developers. All the needed parts out of which to build a web site.

If you are interested in the development of any of these projects, please Follow me on GitHub

Toolbar Buttons Beta and Progress Report

by Michael

It was back in November that I last did a post to announce Toolbar Buttons 1.0.2, so I figured it was time to say what I have been up to.

First, there is now a beta version of Toolbar Buttons 1.0.4 out, it has a lot of changes, including a few new buttons, extra features and bug fixes. You can get it from the nightly download page. I have also made so it can install without needing to restart, but I am still a little unsure about how stable that is. But also we are very excited about our comming releases, since the statistics from the Custom Toolbar Button Maker indicate over 30% of the most popular buttons were created since releasing version 1.0.2. Some of these will make it into 1.0.4 and the result into other releases.

Also I have started a new blog called The Catch, which will mostly be about programming, and technical things of that nature. I am going to try and do a post every two weeks or so.

I have also finished off the mobile design for the web site, so if your viewing on your phone, it is now fully accessible.

If you want to see what we will be doing in the future, I have put up a Road Map of where I am trying to do. Also in the near future I hope to move a lot of code over to Github in the hope of making it easier to others to contribute.

Toolbar Buttons 1.0.2

by Michael

I am releasing a new version of Toolbar Buttons again. This fixes a number of issues that were found in the previous release. The following issues were fixed.

  • Fixed some icons not showing.
  • Fixed a problem that caused Firefox to hang on start up.
  • Restored the Resize Search Bar button, that had been left out of the previous release.
  • Fixed many of the broken SeaMonkey buttons.
  • Fixed how some windows opened, since they were opening with the wrong size.

You can Download the latest version of Toolbar Buttons here.

Toolbar Buttons 1.0.1

by Michael

I have release version 1.0.1 of Toolbar Buttons. You can download the new version from the Toolbar Buttons homepage and read about the changes in the release notes. But some of the important things that are worth a mention, is there is about 12 news buttons, and support was brought up to the latest versions of Firefox and Thunderbird.

For any bug reports please use the forum. For new buttons please see the new simple bug tracker. Relaunched

by Michael

It has been a while, but recently I have been back working on some things, and the first result is I have finally been able to relaunch, with a new design and a number of other updated features.

The most useful part of the update might be that Custom Button Maker and Custom Link Button Maker have been updated. So now they both work properly, and also have new features.

Also there is a new design for the site, which I created some time ago, but never had the time to apply. And also the software on which the site runs is new.

Toolbar Buttons 1.0

by Michael

I have finally got Version 1.0 of Toolbar Buttons out. It finally brings the extension up to speed with supporting the latest releases of Firefox and Thunderbird.

The extension also got a visual refresh, it is now using my own icon set. Though some of the icons still need work (particular those of the larger icon size) it has been mostly fixed up.

Also quite importantly, and what has taken the most time with this release, is the extension had large internal changes. It is now much easier to add new stuff, and keep track of what buttons are their. Already encouraging some people to contribute new buttons to the extension. It also opens the possibility of doing some exciting stuff with the Custom Toolbar Button maker, at least as soon as I get that updated.

Toolbar Buttons

by Michael

Version of Toolbar Buttons is now out. The changes are:

  • Bug fixed in the undo and redo buttons in Thunderbird.
  • Close all tabs does not close the window in Firefox 3.5
  • Minimum and maximum application versions raised and some old compatibility code dropped.
  • Bookmark menu buttons improved, drag and drop now works.
  • Page zoom buttons now works in the Thunderbird 3 betas
  • Empty Trash button now works in Thunderbird 3 betas
  • Next/Previous tab buttons in Firefox now loop around
  • Add-ons window can now be opened in a tab when middle clicked.
  • Some locales updated, thanks to the BabelZilla team.