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Moving Code to GitHub

by Michael

Recently I have begun to move my active projects over to GitHub from svn. The general idea is that it will make it much easier for others to contribute. So far I have created 10 repositories. And here is a summary of the main ones:

Toolbar Buttons
Toolbar Buttons, which is the featured add-on of the month, is my last collection of buttons for Firefox and Thunderbird.
This is the build system going on sdk/toolkit that I developed to manage Toolbar Buttons. It is now almost decoupled from it and ready for general use.
The Django applications that run this site. Its goal is to be for web masters, what Django is for web developers. All the needed parts out of which to build a web site.

If you are interested in the development of any of these projects, please Follow me on GitHub Relaunched

by Michael

It has been a while, but recently I have been back working on some things, and the first result is I have finally been able to relaunch, with a new design and a number of other updated features.

The most useful part of the update might be that Custom Button Maker and Custom Link Button Maker have been updated. So now they both work properly, and also have new features.

Also there is a new design for the site, which I created some time ago, but never had the time to apply. And also the software on which the site runs is new.

Firefox Download Counter

by Michael

Over the past few days I have finish a script that displays the number of Firefox downloads as either an image or text from a JavaScript file. Visit Firefox Downloads to get the code snippets to insert into your own site to display the results.

Firefox Downloads

The first method of displaying the download count is an image like the one of the left. Six different colors are provided to match your sites design. There is also the option of getting an image with just the numbers it it along with an example of how to make it overlap another image to make the two look like one.

There is also the JavaScript option, that is really cool since it updates the number every second to follow as close as possible what the real download count would be.

Icon Getter

I have also been developing a tool that handles ICO (windows icons) files. The first feature is that it can extract icons out of .EXE files. For example it can get the Firefox logo out of the firefox.exe. The next part of the tool is converting ICO files to PNG since they are better supported by most image editors. And finally packaging up several PNG files into one ICO file that can be used in Windows or as your site's favicon.ico

Forum Installed

by Michael

I have now installed a forum so that it is easier for the users of my extensions to share problems and get quick help. It should also help cut the amount of people asking the same questions, which is good for every one :)

Site moved

by Michael

I have moved the site from to

There are a few reasons for this. First I did not really like Testo that much, and the company owns the use of Testo asked me to change.