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Toolbar Buttons Beta and Progress Report

by Michael

It was back in November that I last did a post to announce Toolbar Buttons 1.0.2, so I figured it was time to say what I have been up to.

First, there is now a beta version of Toolbar Buttons 1.0.4 out, it has a lot of changes, including a few new buttons, extra features and bug fixes. You can get it from the nightly download page. I have also made so it can install without needing to restart, but I am still a little unsure about how stable that is. But also we are very excited about our comming releases, since the statistics from the Custom Toolbar Button Maker indicate over 30% of the most popular buttons were created since releasing version 1.0.2. Some of these will make it into 1.0.4 and the result into other releases.

Also I have started a new blog called The Catch, which will mostly be about programming, and technical things of that nature. I am going to try and do a post every two weeks or so.

I have also finished off the mobile design for the web site, so if your viewing on your phone, it is now fully accessible.

If you want to see what we will be doing in the future, I have put up a Road Map of where I am trying to do. Also in the near future I hope to move a lot of code over to Github in the hope of making it easier to others to contribute.

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