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MinimizeToTray Plus 1.0

by Michael

Long promised, but I finally merged MinimizeToTray into my Minimize To Tray Enhancer. And to celebrate I renamed it MinimizeToTray Plus.

It has all the features of MinimizeToTray built in now. I also fixed up the -turbo mode which was promised for that extension by its original developers. MinimizeToTray Plus now uses this internally to simplify some things like its ability load an application minimize at startup.

I also did some changes to the internal API, so I can now add features like always showing the tray icon, and just showing a single icon. These features where imposable before.

Disappointedly there is still a major glitch in the extension. In Firefox 3.5 the icons can't display their menus when clicked. This is because of bug 520457 which I would ask everyone to visit and vote on.

I have also made the code for the extension avilable online. Though this is of very little interest to most, I am looking for someone to help port the extension to Mac. I am about to start work on a Linux port.

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