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Minimizetotray Plus 1.0.8 restores Thunderbird (v. 3.1.4) to the wrong screen on my Ubuntu 10.10 (and 10.04 before that) nVidia Twinview setup.

My taskbar is on a panel on my right screen. My left screen is my main screen, that's were I use Thunderbird. When I minimize/close thunderbird then go to my taskbar to restore it it gets restored to the right screen (where the taskbar is located). I want thunderbird restored to the same place I minimized/closed it at (my left screen).

Oddly minimizeto tray plus for FF had this same bug but it now works how I want it to.

From memory I think I got that one sorted. My latest beta build crashes on Linux so I don't use it on a day to day basis, but I am on a very similar set up and was seeing the same problem and I may have fixed it. When I get back to it (around Christmas hopefully) I will have another look into it.

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in your nvidia setting menu where you configured the screen click the screen you want the menu on and check use this as my main screen. unfortunately you cannot span both only the first time you enable it. cheers

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