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If FF if not minimized, simple left-click on the tray icon launches another instance of FF.
The result is two FF instances. If the 2nd is closed then it goes to the tray.
If the 1st is then closed, then we have two icons in the tray!

If FF if not minimized, clicking on the tray icon should really either do nothing or at most set the focus to the existing FF instance. The tray icon shouldn't ever create a new FF instance, as it already represents an FF instance.

Note: In the options, I checked "Restore window instead of opening new", but that didn't fix the problem.
Agreed. What I am planing to change it to is this:

1) If minimized restore it
2) If focused, minimize it
3) If not minimized but also not focused, focus it.

Does that sound sensible to you?

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