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I've been using your button pack for a long time - thanks for creating it!

You must have saved us all a few billion clicks collectively by now. :)
Just want to point out - the "Read Mail" button on the last TBB .5 release does not work in FF v2.0.0.12.

I reverted back to v4.5.2. , which does work.

Just tonight I discovered your TB Button Maker (great!), so now I have only the 6 buttons that I need, however the "Read Mail" button still does not work.

To be more precise:
It does nothing when clicked. I checked TB for being default e-mail client, enabled it as default in vista and ran the program "Default Mail" that you suggested in a prior post, still to no avail.

Any possible solutions to one of my favorite buttons?


Ok I am going to give a very long answer to this and just link to it ever time I get another email about it. I have had plenty.

Firefox 3 comes out very soon. So the 0.5 release of toolbar buttons aimed to get all the buttons compatible with it. That included the Read Mail button.

If you remember way back to Firefox 1.5 there used to be a menu item in the Tools menu for doing this. However the menu item was removed in Firefox 2.0, however the component that made this work was left behind. This made it very easy to create a read mail button, I just had to call this code just like the menu item did. But in Firefox 3.0 they are doing a little bit of a tidy up and this code also got removed.

This means I have to rewrite all the code from scratch. The problem is I lack the tools needed to implement it in C++ (a programing language) so I am doing it in something a little less suited to the task and I have not managed to prefect it yet.

So yes I am working on it and am well aware that the problem exits, I am not so sure about exactly how to fix it.

Oh and if any one is wounding why the Firefox developers removed their code, I think it was because it did not work real well either.

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