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I'm a happy user of SPBE 0.6.3 so far, but recently I'm getting cruel error:
I'm not sure but perhaps problems started after installing new Firefox 3.5 but like I said it's not sure.
My email program is Thunderbird. Usually that's what I'm doing: I have a few tabs open and then I need every tab send via email. SPBE is working without any problems just once, then I switch to next tab,click on SPBE icon and getting the error which you can see on above link.
I would be very happy if I could use your program because it's so helpful.

best regards
That is not my extension, mine is called "Send page via e-mail" and is currently at version 1.1.

I don't offer support for extensions other then my own.

Have I helped you? Do you like my add-ons?
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