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in tbutton.jar/content/firefox/button.xul:

!ENTITY % firefoxthunderbirdButton
does not match
class="toolbarbutton-1 firefoxThunerbirdButton"
^ ^
while customizing toolbar,
all buttons of this class flicker on mouseover
and have no tooltips

the ones with legit classes work ok, EXCEPT

show bookmarks and
show toolbar bookmarks

are broken - they operate while customizing, so they can't be moved or removed!

thanks for a great extension!
Hello Charles

!ENTITY % firefoxthunderbirdButton

It is funny you should blame that string, as it can really be anything and has nothing to do with the class="toolbarbutton-1 firefoxThunerbirdButton". Not even distantly related.

The real solution to both problems is very closely tied. A few release ago I added a bit of CSS that made the button change opacity when hovered over. I nice little effect. But the problem as I have now found out is that it some how triggers Gecko (Firefox's rendering engine) to act odd. So in the next update it is going to be removed.


Edit: it has also been around since I think the so don't blame the poor old version :P

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