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I'd like to offer a few comments on the Sharp Color Picker.

I thought that this Forum might be the best place for this.

(1) I'd like to THANK YOU for providing the Sharp Color Picker. I've become a great fan of this tool, I use it often, and I agree with you that it's one of the best and easiest to use color tools.

(2) Who put together the Sharp Color Picker? Is this your work, Michael? I'd just like to know whose work it is that I so appreciate.

(3) Because the Sharp tool is SUCH a good one, I think it would be worth developing as something like a widget or as a Firefox add-on that would function something like a widget.

(4) My little fantasy is that I'd have a button on my toolbar or a shortcut on my Start Menu that would open a little window with the Sharp Color Picker ready to go.

(5) Right now, I have the page for the Sharp tool bookmarked. And this works fine, so no complaints about that. But I do have a suggestion for that page.

Because the Sharp Color Picker is a tool that we return to repeatedly, the location of the Sharp tool on one of the regular Codefisher pages is a bit clumsy sometimes. Maybe you could offer a link to another page that contained nothing but the banner and the Sharp Color Picker? That would make very nice, clean presentation of the tool.

As it happens, I've several times referred others to the Sharp Color Picker. When I've done so, I've prepared 2 web pages in advance. One is the regular Sharp tool page. The other page is the same page, but I mask out all of the sidebar materials so that it looks as if the Sharp tool were the only item on the page. That makes demonstrating the tool a lot easier. I show them the page where the tool appears, then I take them to the 2nd page so that we can focus on the tool alone.

(6) If the Sharp tool were available as a freestanding bit of software, I would happily buy a copy of it.

And by software, I'm thinking of a little executable program. It would not need to install itself, but could just work as a little application.

As a very nice example of an application that doesn't need to install itself, I can refer you to ColorSchemer's ColorPix. ColorPix is the tool I use in conjunction with the Sharp Color Picker; it sort of completes the Sharp tool. ColorPix is free, and it's a pleasure to use.

Thank you for you time here. (I know I talk a lot!) And thank you, especially, for providing us with the Sharp Color Picker.

Best regards,

The code started as part of Nvu, I improved and changed parts of it for an extension (the color button in the Text Formatting Toolbar). Then I added a large number of new features fixed a few bugs and put it online. I started porting it back into an extension (reason being that it would be more efficient/faster) but never finished it - don't tend to have time to finish anything right now - can't wait for the uni holidays.

I am not going to put it on another page, I like the all the other links and stuff being there. People might clink them ;)

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