I currently using Thunderbird 45 beta

I have disable all remote content in the main thunderbird options and want to control my own whitelist, the latest version when displaying a message , check if there is an exception rule, if not then display an message notifier in the message editor pane "To protect your privacy, thunderbird has blocked the remote content to this message", this is generally a one shot message so after selecting an option and its still doesn't display the message right (generally due to multiple hosts for images and content) then the only way around it is too manually delete the exceptions.

This latest version of thunderbird is better, with the respect now it displays, allows remote content from xx origins, but additionally you may want to add the email address to the exception rule as well.

http://i68.tinypic.com/11qgzep.jpg - http://i68.tinypic.com/11qgzep.jpg

First Button : Button to bring up the message bar notifier with "protect your privacy" with the option button to select more

Second Button : To look at the message and remove the exceptions for that message, email and remote content sources so you can use the above button to select or to have no data for that email.

Bit of a tall ask, due to it being a pop up header window, i have had a look at the code on the mozilla site but got a bit lost .. and didnt know how to call it.

Any ideas ... or how to's would be appreciative :)