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Is it feasible to create (a) button(s) that would cause the currently-selected message(s) to be sent to (a) specific user-defined folder(s)?

For example, let's say I have 3 folders I commonly move messages to after I've read them, maybe "toDealWithLater", "keepForArchivalOnly", and "alreadyDealtWith". I'd like to be able to create 3 buttons, linking one button to each of these folders. When the button is clicked, it moves the currently-selected message(s) to that folder.

Seems like this is one step more complicated than the current tool buttons, because now each tool button seems to be linked to a very specific PREDEFINED function; this would require the possibility of allowing a bit of user-definable flexibility (e.g., specifying WHICH user-defined folder to link to which button).

Any way to do this?

Thanks! -pt
It is possible to do that, though it is not really suited to my extension. One because you want 3 buttons, but someone else will want 4 ... so where do you stop? Also the setting up the configuration for it would be a pain. Also I hate playing with folders and stuff in Thunderbird :p
You could try one of the Custom Button extensions if you can find someone that would write the code for you.

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