I received this email today, but the return email address appears to not work so I will answer it here and hope he sees it.

Hi, I've been using your buttons now for a while and they're extremely useful, thanks.

I was wondering if you could make a button that could be placed in 'toolbar A' that when clicked, opened/closed 'toolbar B'.

I have found that I very rarely use the location viewer in the navigation bar, so I have removed it in order to gave more space for buttons (mostly link buttons I have created on your website). However on occasion, I do need to use it, and I have to use your 'customise toolbar' button, drag it into the toolbar and type away, then drag it back. This can be quite annoying at times, and you can only view a small section of the URL as the toolbar is swamped with buttons. It would be a lot quicker if you could click a button which would open a new toolbar with the location on, do what ever you need to do and click the button again to close the toolbar. Obviously, the extra toolbar could be used for anything - the buttons you rarely loose, or the search bar, if you don't search alot.

Thanks a lot,

You have several possibilities. There is the toggle toolbar button that hides/shows the main toolbar. You could put all your unused stuff on that, and everything else on another and use that to toggle.

The other is to use the button that shows a drop down of all the toolbar so you can check/uncheck those you want.

I am not going to add this button to my extension 1) because there is already buttons to toggle the toolbars that come with Firefox. 2) most extension that have a toolbar also have a button to toggle it, or else they should add one. 3) that leaves the only need to toolbars made with the "New Toolbar" button, and no matter what you do to them to hide them, when you restart Firefox they will be back again (known bug).

God Bless