Someone emailed me this question, but the reply email address does not seam to work so I thought I would post and reply to it here in the hope they see it.

Hi im packaging tinyurl for Ubuntu Linux and before i attempted to package it i changed the .rdf to use Firefox 3.0 instead of 3.0b3 since beta 3 is old. Now thati have repackaged the .xpi it installs but fails to make the button in the location bar and no button for tool bar at all. I looked through the .xpi and found nothing that is any help. is there an up to date SVN that i can use instead? I looked all over and havent seen one nor CVS. I look forward to hearing back from you.
John Vivirito

It should not even really claim beta 3 compatibility, they changed the
URL bar at some point, and I need to update the extension for it. But
since it is still in the AMO sandbox there has not been a huge incentive
plus being busy with my studies (holidays in just 2 weeks!!!!). I will
get around to it some time soon.

There has been no incentive to set up a SVN server (I did try once and
failed miserably) as it is all a one man project.

Why do you need to package it up for Ubuntu got your own repository or