I just recently installed toolbar buttons. You know how it goes, sometimes you try everything new, and sometimes you stick with what you know. I had been sticking with MenuX, which had many similar functions as toolbar buttons. The update to FF 2.0 was slow, however, and I don't think that it will be updated to 3.0. I just made the switch, and so I installed Toolbar buttons. I love it, it makes like easier.

There are three things, however (you knew that was coming) that I miss from MenuX. (BTW, the list of MenuX functions is at http://markbokil.org/index.php?section=mozilla&content=c_menux_documentation.php)

One is "chromeless" mode, which leaves all the toolbars, the status bar, and the bookmark toolbar, but hides the blue title bar. (You can do most of this with Toolbar buttons, but I haven't found how to keep the Bookmark Toolbar.)

Another is that the "Undo close tab" is configurable, so that one can get back the third last tab closed, or whatever.

The third is that there is a button for the Firefox menu. This is like TidyMenu (except with an icon.) I believe there is another extension that does this, but just a suggestion.

There are a couple other neat ones, like a button that toggles all toolbars, but most of that is covered in Toolbar Buttons.

Anyway just some ideas. I love your extension, and am glad that there are people like you that make these things that make life easier for people like me (untalented and lazy <g>) Thanks again.