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I've had no alternative but to search through the Firefox Add-ons for alternatives which eventually I was able to find. But the least that Michael could have done was to leave us a message to say that he was stopping the Custom Buttons which would have been fair enough but that would have saved us all this bother of waiting and wondering. He could at least have done that rather than just abandon us like this.
Perhaps he could be coaxed to create one final version with all the buttons for all applications (Firefox, Thunderbird, etc) and have it signed.

At least that way we could all upgrade beyond Firefox 47.0.1 where I'm stuck on multiple platforms.

I tried making my own version and getting it signed but Mozilla has got way to hoops to jump through quickly.
Well, it now very clearly appears as though this add-on has now been abandoned completely.
We can't even get ANY kind of a response from Michael on when or if the Custom Buttons Maker will get the signed option.
Sure hope to find a good replacement for this add-on.
Is this true, Michael, have you abandoned the Custom Buttons add on?
Looks like this add on is abandon