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Knowing that installing a huge amount of buttons is not exactly everyone's preference, here is a simple way of making a version of it that has just what you want; thus, keeping the file size as small as possible. Just tick the check boxes, hit Submit, and you have a customized version of Toolbar Buttons for your very own.

The extensions generated here no longer match the latest version of Toolbar Buttons. That will be fixed soonish. Extensions created here still work fine in most cases. If you must have the latest version and must have it now, it is possiable to use the insturstions here.

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Using Toolbar Buttons version released Aug 26th 2009.

All Applications Thunderbird Firefox & Flock Sunbird


Toolbar Buttons should not be installed at the same time as an extension created here. As this and Toolbar Buttons work off the same code base, there is no button or feature missing from one that the other has. They always have the same version number.