Pastel SVG Icons

Pastel SVG Icons


Pastel SVG is an icon set based on the popular silk icons found as It uses the same style, so some of the icons are almost identical. Both sets overlap for most icons, but each has ones that are unique to it, that is till I manage to catch up and create all the ones in the silk package.

The biggest difference right now between the two sets is Pastel SVG has more sizes. As the name suggests Pastel SVG was created as a set of SVG files, that were then converted to PNG in various sizes. Many of my uses for icons needed sizes larger than 16x16 which is why I started doing this (along with the need for other icons, and the ones it already had where good practice.


The icons can be downloaded (2.8 MB) as a zip that contains icons in the sizes 16, 24, 32 and 48 or as a larger download (12.26 MB) that contains icons in the sizes 64, 72, 96, 128, 256.

Please do not link directly to the downloads, as these links are likely to change as I update the package.

The other alternative is to use an online search to just find the icons you need.


The Pastel SVG icon set Created by Michael Buckley is licensed under the

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Additionally the following restrictions are imposed

  1. If you put Pastel SVG package on another web host in modified form you must provide a link back to the Pastel SVG homepage
  2. Commercial users of the Pastel SVG are requested to ask permission for use of the icons before they do so. The author may expect some kind of reimbursement for the effort put into creating the icon set. This maybe be something as simple as a link back to the before mentioned home page.
  3. For non commercial use a link back to the home page is appreciated but not required.

The SVG images from which the PNGs are created are closed source however they may be requested at a price.