JavaScript Toy Store

Here is my little collection of JavaScript widgets I have created, a number of them can be downloaded and used on your own sites. As always it is appreciated if you link back here but not required.

Color Picker

Color Picker

This color picker supports all three of the common methods of representing color, RGB, HSB and also hex (HTML colors). It has an easy to use color pock for finding the color you want, and various controls for fine tuning your pick. It also has a pallet of 216 colors to for easy starting points in finding the color you want. It also supports entering many colors by name, such as red, teal, olive, lime green etc.

Center Square

Displaying large high quality images on a site creates problems, as normally they need to me much bigger than the sites layout can handle. The solution is always to display a thumbnail that links to the larger image. There is a way to go one better though, an image that overlays the whole site while the user is viewing it. That is exactly how Center Square and installing it could not be easier.

JavaScript Slide Show

I created this JavaScript Slide Show script on a request from a friend of mine how now uses it on his site. The aim is to create a smooth transition from one image to the next. This is achieved by preloading images and preventing the page from reloading. Constant page reloads creates a jerky clumsy effect that is so common of the web.


I have written a few scripts that are designed to make them as usable as possible for disabled users. This is done with a combination of the use of ARIA and providing alternative ways of interacting with them. So far I have finished a Slider, a Menu and a Tree View widget.

Icon Finder

A cool little page that works in Firefox that can extract icons from most windows files that can contain them including .EXE, .DLL and .ICO files. There is also a tool for then converting the icons into PNGs. There is also a tool for finding a websites Favicon.


You got to have games, every ones links games :)


Only game I have finished creating so far is Mines.