Extension Options

This guide is for the not so tech savvy users of my extensions that sometimes have problems finding the options window, and have not got the inclination to go searching for it. Without the extension settings, I am certain you can't get the most out of them, which I would like all my users to do.

The first thing to do is open the add-ons' window. We do this by going to the Tools menu and clicking on Add-ons. as seen in the image below.

Firefox with the tools menu open, and Add-ons selected

When the window opens make sure you in the Extensions tab. There are several tabs, and it may not open in the correct one. Scroll to find the extension in question. In the screen shot below there are only 3, so I don't need to scroll to it, I can just click on the extension I want, in this example MinimizeToTray Plus.

Add-ons window with one extension selected

Some extensions might not have an options window, and the button will be disabled. Nothing will happen if you clicked it. But MinimizeToTray Plus does, so I can. When clicked it opens the extensions own options window. Happy configuring!