Tech Articles

At least in my own opinion I know quite a bit about a number of topics, and every now and then I feel like writing about it. The topics range from web standards, IE bashing, extension development and other related topics.

Web Standards and Other web stuff

Preventing Hotlinking The Smart Way

Hotlinking is a pain, but if possible you want to make it play to your advantage. Read More

Web Page Thumbnails with Python and Mozilla

Putting thumbnails of other sites onto your own is cool. When I found out it was possible to do with with Mozilla, I just had to write my own script


Gimp Buttons

Everyone likes a cool little image to provide for others to use to link to their own site. Here I explain how I made the in GIMP. Read More


Installing Firefox Extension

Installing extensions in Firefox can be problematic because there is not install button in the add-ons window. But the solution is quick simple with the handy little extension. Read More