Computer Words

Before computers
Java was a cuppa
And C was only a letter
Now it is a language of its own.

Before computers
A virus was the cold
And the infection meant a visit to the doctor
Now we go the computer shop.

Before computers
A web had a spider in it
And a web crawler was the spider
Now it is the Google bot.

Before computers
Windows was what you looked out
Vista was what you saw
Now it is what you are using for sure.

Before computers
Ram was for knocking doors down
Memory was your own
Now it is a stick on your motherboard.

Before computers
A tower was a building
A hard drive a long trip
Now is that thing below your desk.

Before computers
A keyboard was where we hang keys
A mouse a squeaking pet
Now we use it to point at things.

Before computers
Office was a building
And PowerPoint was a thing in the wall.
Now we watch slide shows in it.

Before computers
A screen was to keep flies out
And a monitor was a lizard
Now it is what you're staring at.

Before computers
Circuits were what we ran around
Chips were fried potatoes
Now they are what make computers tick.

Before computers
Pages were in books
With bookmarks tucked inside
Now they are in our browser menus with pages far outside.

Before computers
Bits were our slice of the cake
And bytes were one mouth full
Now they are data, this very poem too.

Before computers
The host held the dinner party
The servers dished it out
Now they send out pages of bits and bytes.

Before computers
Hives were for bees
The registry was kept at church
Now it is what your settings are in.

----Michael Buckley