Michael's Projects

Toolbar Buttons

Toolbar Buttons was my first add-on. It has grown over time to be quite a large add-on with over 110 buttons for Firefox, 75 for Thunderbird and a few or other programs like Sunbird. I have also made Custom Toolbar Button Maker which allows you to make a version of Toolbar Buttons with just the buttons you want to be in it, improving both size and usability of the extension.

Text Formatting Toolbar

The web is rife with forums, blogs and wikis and they all have different ways of adding links, images or bold etc. to the text. This takes time to learn, and even then is a pain to use. That is where the Text Formatting Toolbar comes it. It handles the three most commonly used formats with easy to use toolbar.

Newer versions of the extension contain a custom button feature. This enables me to keep the extension lean and mean while still allowing for every tag that could possibly be wanted. It also contains an composer for creating and storing you posts in. This has been received with much enthusiasm by several forum admins I know.

Pastel SVG icons

The Pastel SVG icons is a new icon set that I started working on in early 08. It was very heavily inspired by the Silk Icons from famfamfam. Expect it handles a few deficiencies, namely the lack of larger sizes and all the icons that I needed for my extension. There are currently nearly 500 icons for each size in the set.

MinimizeToTray Plus

Enables the minimizing of an application window to the tray. It supports a number of extra features such as loading the applcation at start up, always showing the icon and more.