ARIA Tree View

by Michael

Just 2 posts ago I mentioned I was working on some ARIA based projects. ARIA means Accessible Rich Internet Applications. Well I just managed to get another one fully functional and have cross browser support.

It is a Tree View, mean something that looks like what the folder do in Explorer.

Besides just looking great, the tree view has a lot features. Besides the basic clicking to use it, it supports fully key board usability. You can use the arrow keys to move around the tree.

For any interested in other ARIA widgets I have done, there is the Slider

Text Formatting Toolbar

by Michael

I have just released a toolbar for formatting text with BBcode, HTML, and Wiki code like used on Wikipedia.

It supports a huge amount of features, such as a color picker, 19 different buttons, and a options window to charges how some of the buttons function. And all for just 51.7KB.

So why not get the Text Formatting Toolbar. If you post on any forums, blogs, or help out on any Wikis it could be a huge time saver. And yes I used it for this post.


by Michael

I have become more and more involved in Firefox accessibility over the past months. And since I think it very important, I would like to share it with you.

I am now the web master of Access Firefox, a site I came across by checking out what site owner's, Ken Saunders email belonged to. A funny habit I have gotten into.

Feeling strongly that a site about accessibility should be accessible as possible, and seeing a lot of potential in it, I offered to help him fix it up. It is now had a complete make over. And I invite every one to Go visit it

I have also been working on accessible JavaScript widgets that use the ARIA (or Mozilla's page) technology.

You can find completed examples by me in the accessibility section of Codefisher

Site moved

by Michael

I have moved the site from to

There are a few reasons for this. First I did not really like Testo that much, and the company owns the use of Testo asked me to change.

Toolbar Buttons

by Michael

Toolbar Buttons has just been updated to this is several versions newer that the one currently found on since there is always a delay in the update there.

This version contains a number of bug fixes to the language packs, along with changes to some of the bookmark button icons, since they were all using the same image.

The next version a plan to reintroduce support for Firefox and Thunderbird 1.5 which was dropped because some of the buttons of 1.5 don't work in 2 and vice versa. I working on a method around this.