AccessFirefox Reloaded

by Michael

Anyone that has been reading many of my posts here would have seen the post titled Accessibility that was made about 9 months ago. It was about Access Firefox. The sites owner Ken any myself had just finished redesigning the site. Much has changed since then.

The site has now changed its domain name from .com to and further work has been done on the sites design. There is also plenty of new content so if you have not visited the site for a while it might be worth another peak.

Custom Link Buttons

by Michael

So I have finally done what I promised quite a few people I would do. I have made a tool for making Toolbar Buttons that can go to any link you want. Web site owners are allowed to put the extension's it creates on their own site provided they give a link back to the tool.

It has quite a few a few options. The URL, extension name, the button label etc. and Three methods of picking what icon the button will use. It can be one of several supplied, the site favicon or one of your own images. All images are resized to the correct sizes needed by the extension.

There is also the possibility of updating the extension should you change your home page or sites icon but to do so you need the extensions id and password, which is provided when it is first created. If you loose the password feel free to contact me and I can help you out. Updates to handle new versions of Firefox will be provided by me as well.

SEO Toolbar

by Michael

There has just been a release of a new extension on called SEO Toolbar. Now I think the extension is a great addition to every web masters tool kit. Part of the reason I agreed to update and add many new features to it for the extension's owner SEO Company

The extension displays things like a pages PR and Yahoo! Inbound Link Count that are regarded as important when it comes to getting your pages in the top of the search results. The extension does not just display these two results, it provides an amazing 20 different figures that every web master should check from time to time. This includes the ILQ (Inbound Link Quality) that is unique to this extension.

The extension also provides a handy white-list feature for controlling what sites the results are displayed on.

So go check out its Home page and become a happy user of this extension like so many others are.

General Updates

by Michael

It has been a little time since I last posted anything, so a little update on what I have been doing. Well first there has been the redesign of both this site and which is owned by a friend of mine. I also launched for the purpose of making long links shorter.

Along with redesigning the site I added extra content. I added a new section called Tech Stories which some may find interesting.

There is also a new section called the JavaScript Tory Store where I have various widgets such as a Color Picker. Along with a few you can add to your own site, such as a Slide Show, Image Loader and more.

There has also been the official release of the Toolbar Buttons that was in its beta when I last posted. Along with a number of bug fixes it contained over a dozen new buttons. I am now working on the next version that should again contain many new buttons.

Also thanks to Neil Smithline (for the donation) this site now supports using HTTPS. This mean I can continue supplying updates though this site (most of them go though but for example the Custom Toolbar Button Maker does not so that will continue to work under Firefox 3 which requires secure update (extension gets disabled with out it).

Betas Available

by Michael

For those interested there is now a beta for Toolbar Buttons 0.45 available. The only reason it remains a beta is because it lacks all the required translations. So if you don't use the English (us) version of Firefox/Thunderbird it will not work at all. Everyone else should be able to upgrade risk free. A list of new buttons would be as follows :

  • Change Text Direction
  • Toggle Animation
  • Toggle Flash
  • Toggle Movies
  • Toggle iframes (blocks some ads)
  • Toggle embedded content
  • Toggle Cookies
  • Switch dictionary
  • Toggle Popups
  • Reload Skip Cache
  • Show Current Frame
  • Inbox Folder
  • Send & Receive
  • Reply to Sender Only
  • Create Filter
  • Skip Trash
  • Edit Draft
  • Return Receipt

There are also a few other betas available for download including one for the Text Formatting Toolbar. It has quite a number of new features, but none of them quite finalized. An example of new feature is the custom tags that allow easy creation of your own bbcode/wiki tags that are not in the default set.

There is also a bbcode/wiki composer for creating and storing templates, or just getting posts ready before hand. It lacks a preview feature currently so might not be of great use.

There is also a beta for AdSense Earnings but that is only "under the hood" changes that don't do anything noticeable but pave the way for some big changes

Toolbar Buttons

by Michael

Last night I updated toolbar button to fix an annoying bug that was causing all the button that had drop down menus to behave wrong. It was caused my some styling I had applied to them, that caused problems in Firefox 2, but not the Firefox 3 alphas. To get the update go to Toolbar Button page.

The is also the first version to be fully compatible with the Custom Toolbar Button Maker. Previous versions had a conflict with it that caused a number of buttons (about 15) to not show up in the list of possible buttons that you could select from.

Forum Installed

by Michael

I have now installed a forum so that it is easier for the users of my extensions to share problems and get quick help. It should also help cut the amount of people asking the same questions, which is good for every one :)

Toolbar Buttons 0.4

by Michael

A few days ago now Toolbar Buttons 0.4 was released. It contains a number of improvements so it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to it.

Some of the improvements include a few few buttons, support for both Firefox/Thunderbird 1.5 and 2. An options window and a patch for Thunderbird to allow added extra buttons to it. More about it Here

The Text Formatting Toolbar was removed from it though, you can still get it though in its own extension. The links in this post where added with it.

Blog Bar Maker

by Michael

By blog bar I mean something like this

The easy thing about this, is you jut plug in your text and colors, and 2 seconds later, you have an image. Try it out

If you find any bugs, please either Email Me or report it here.