Version 0.6 - a bug fix & a little new

by Michael

I have finally finished version 0.6 of Toolbar Buttons. I think I fixed more bugs in this release then any other I have done. Manly because I kept putting off releasing it; for two reasons. One was I could not find a few hours together to release it (normally takes about 3 or so hours once everything is take into account). Plus I made changes that meant I had to update the Custom Toolbar Button Maker.

I now have a week off, so I finished of Toolbar Buttons and rewrote the Custom Toolbar Button Maker; that was a lot of fun, been itching to do it. After studying SQL for 6 months I manged it make it a lot faster, and a lot less code, almost 400 lines shorter. 400 lines that can't possibly have bugs in it.

There are eight new buttons, much fewer that I would have liked. The request list has grown much more than that.

Update Time!!

by Michael

Toolbar Buttons, Text Formatting Toolbar and Tiny Links all got an update for Firefox 3 which is supposed to come out on the 17th of June (that is today as I write this post). All three extensions received a number of bug fixes as well, some Firefox 3 related others not.

I have not updated Minimize To Tray Enhancer as its dependency has not been updated (it looks like I might have to look into doing that if I can). All the other extensions of mine are little used and need major work so I am not inclined to update them yet. I will do so eventually, would be great if someone else helped out though ;)

Toolbar Buttons

by Michael

Another update of Toolbar Buttons has been released. It fixed a number of minor issues that had been reported in the previous release. There where no major changes though.

The think it should be the last one in the 0.5.0 branch of Toolbar Buttons. The next release should be 0.5.5 unless any unexpected bugs are found. The plans for 0.5.5 is to start to change the icons and add the next 15 or so wanted buttons.

Text Formatting Toolbar 0.1.4

by Michael

I have finally released version 0.1.4 of the Text Formatting Toolbar. It has a lot of little fixes that needed to be done along with two major new features.

I have been asked to include a number of less common tags. I have now implemented a way of creating your own. To find out more about it you can read my tutorial

There is also a feature that is used to create and store posts the can be then used as a template/canned reply etc. It is also great because it gives you a backup of the post, and a friendly environment in which to write it. Some people have found other uses for it, such as a note taker.

The other change to the extension was I changed all the icons to those I had created for the Pastel SVG icon set.

Pastel SVG Icons

by Michael

A few posts back I mentioned that I was in the process of producing an icon set that I intend to use in my extensions, and also make a Firefox and Thunderbird theme out of. I have now uploaded the set and you can get them from the Pastel SVG Icons home page. There are almost 500 icons, my target is somewhere in the 1250 range, so that is not quite half way.

Sharp Color Picker Update

by Michael

About a week ago someone contacted me about buying a copy of my Sharp Color Picker. It set me thinking about ways I could improve it. A number of things I came up with that can now be seen in the new version I have put up were. The color pallet should be more vertical then horizontal, this puts closely related colors together more. Some Darken and Lighten color buttons would help for fine tuning the color as could some boxes around the current color to show slight variations. I also added a primitive color wheel, as best as could be done in HTML with out making it too slow. Plus I made it look more presentable and fixed/improved a few minor things. If you have not already done so it is worth having another look at

Also I just put up a image scroller that looks kind of like some flash banners I have seen, expect it is all done in just HTML/JavaScript.

New Extension Releases

by Michael

Just in the past two days I have released one new extension and an update to another. Both of which warrant a mention.

Send Page via Email is designed to bring a feature that is in IE into Firefox. As with every IE feature it can be used as a reason not to use Firefox, even if it does everything else so much better. When the menu item for it, that can be found in the tools menu, is click it opens up the default mail client with an attachment of the current page. Depending on what email client the recipient uses the web page will normally be displayed in the message body when it is received.

Also there has been another update to Toolbar Buttons in which a number of reported bugs were resolved. The changes where

  • Fixed the page zoom buttons for Firefox 3
  • Fixed a typo in the 'Toggle Read' buttons' tooltip
  • Fixed a bug in the Real Next/Previous button
  • Reverted the implementation of the Read Mail/News buttons to be more reliable in Firefox 2. The Firefox 3 betas still use the less reliable implimention.
  • Fixed a few other minor errors that were thrown when some buttons were not in use.

An Icon set

by Michael

As I mentioned in the last post I am working on an icon set that will be used in Toolbar Buttons as well as my other extensions. It is based on the famfamfam silk icon set. Except it will have more icons, all the ones I need that it does not have, and more sizes. The famfamfam set only has 16x16. Below is a preview image of some of the icons.

Preview Image

When I am ready to release the icons I will announce it in a post here. So stay tuned, and subscribe to the feed to keep up to date.

Toolbar Buttons 0.5

by Michael

It is that time of year again, time to get ready for the next big version of Firefox. So out comes the updates. This on is a bit earlier than I planed so some buttons missed out on the final mix. But there are still 16 new buttons. You can find out from the Button List which ones made it.

Toolbar buttons is now for the first time fully compatible with Firefox 3, and I managed to do it with out breaking too much in the way of Firefox 2 support. It turned out much better than I expected. The only ones I think I broke were the "Read Mail" and "Read News" buttons on Linux and Mac. These functions disappeared from the tools menu is Firefox 2, and the back end for them went in Firefox 3.

As I mentioned before this release was a bit earlier than I planed, I wanted to do a visual refresh too. I been working on making my own icon set, and will be changing over to it soon. Any ideas for improvements in the icons are welcome and it would be great if you could email me them.

Firefox Download Counter

by Michael

Over the past few days I have finish a script that displays the number of Firefox downloads as either an image or text from a JavaScript file. Visit Firefox Downloads to get the code snippets to insert into your own site to display the results.

Firefox Downloads

The first method of displaying the download count is an image like the one of the left. Six different colors are provided to match your sites design. There is also the option of getting an image with just the numbers it it along with an example of how to make it overlap another image to make the two look like one.

There is also the JavaScript option, that is really cool since it updates the number every second to follow as close as possible what the real download count would be.

Icon Getter

I have also been developing a tool that handles ICO (windows icons) files. The first feature is that it can extract icons out of .EXE files. For example it can get the Firefox logo out of the firefox.exe. The next part of the tool is converting ICO files to PNG since they are better supported by most image editors. And finally packaging up several PNG files into one ICO file that can be used in Windows or as your site's favicon.ico