Toolbar Buttons 1.0

by Michael

I have finally got Version 1.0 of Toolbar Buttons out. It finally brings the extension up to speed with supporting the latest releases of Firefox and Thunderbird.

The extension also got a visual refresh, it is now using my own icon set. Though some of the icons still need work (particular those of the larger icon size) it has been mostly fixed up.

Also quite importantly, and what has taken the most time with this release, is the extension had large internal changes. It is now much easier to add new stuff, and keep track of what buttons are their. Already encouraging some people to contribute new buttons to the extension. It also opens the possibility of doing some exciting stuff with the Custom Toolbar Button maker, at least as soon as I get that updated. Tiny Links 1.5

by Michael

Version 1.5 of Tiny Links is out. It includes a few new locales, an also now makes its icon animated when busy. For those not aware it uses my link shortening service to create links the are tiny in length. It adds a single icon into the url bar next to the go button.

MinimizeToTray Plus 1.0.7

by Michael

With version 1.0.7 I can finally safely say that I have made the extension stable. Mainly because of bug 502457 which stops menus (such as the one for the tray icon) from showing when a window is minimized. Having finally resolved that, I have finished all the other work that extension badly needed.

See the MinimizeToTray Plus home page for more information.

Toolbar Buttons

by Michael

Version of Toolbar Buttons is now out. The changes are:

  • Bug fixed in the undo and redo buttons in Thunderbird.
  • Close all tabs does not close the window in Firefox 3.5
  • Minimum and maximum application versions raised and some old compatibility code dropped.
  • Bookmark menu buttons improved, drag and drop now works.
  • Page zoom buttons now works in the Thunderbird 3 betas
  • Empty Trash button now works in Thunderbird 3 betas
  • Next/Previous tab buttons in Firefox now loop around
  • Add-ons window can now be opened in a tab when middle clicked.
  • Some locales updated, thanks to the BabelZilla team.

MinimizeToTray Plus 1.0

by Michael

Long promised, but I finally merged MinimizeToTray into my Minimize To Tray Enhancer. And to celebrate I renamed it MinimizeToTray Plus.

It has all the features of MinimizeToTray built in now. I also fixed up the -turbo mode which was promised for that extension by its original developers. MinimizeToTray Plus now uses this internally to simplify some things like its ability load an application minimize at startup.

I also did some changes to the internal API, so I can now add features like always showing the tray icon, and just showing a single icon. These features where imposable before.

Disappointedly there is still a major glitch in the extension. In Firefox 3.5 the icons can't display their menus when clicked. This is because of bug 520457 which I would ask everyone to visit and vote on.

I have also made the code for the extension avilable online. Though this is of very little interest to most, I am looking for someone to help port the extension to Mac. I am about to start work on a Linux port. Tiny Links 1.4

by Michael

There is now a new version of the Tiny Links extension which you can downloaded. is link shorting service that is part of the network.

The changes in this version include streamlining the the extension by removing the drop down from the button. All the settings can be still found in the option's window. To to Tools menu then Add-ons; in the Extensions tab you will find the extension and be able to open it's options. Another change is that once the button, which is located inside the url bar, is clicked the url is automatically copied to the clipboard, though this can be turned off.

The extension also added support for link Groups, if you right click on the tab bar you can create a link group of all the currently open tabs.

Toolbar Buttons

by Michael

The next version of toolbar buttons is out. Unfortunately it does not contain all the new things I would have liked, only the fixes to all the bugs reported over the past few months. I was distracted with other projects that resulted in much less being done with my extensions then I had hoped over the long summer holidays.

I am almost ready to do releases on some of my other extensions so stay tuned for more.