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Pastel SVG 1.2

by Michael

The Pastel SVG icon set has received an update. There are now many more icons then there was before, getting close to having all the icons that were in Silk Icons.

In addition to updating icon set itself, I have updated its home page. It is now easier to a copy of the SVG source files, and also easier to search though the icons.

With some luck there will be another update of the icon set in the coming months that will include all the icons the Silk Icons, and also have some of the 24x24 icons touched up, since they need a little work because the scaling of them does not always produce a perfect result.

Pastel SVG Icons

by Michael

A few posts back I mentioned that I was in the process of producing an icon set that I intend to use in my extensions, and also make a Firefox and Thunderbird theme out of. I have now uploaded the set and you can get them from the Pastel SVG Icons home page. There are almost 500 icons, my target is somewhere in the 1250 range, so that is not quite half way.

An Icon set

by Michael

As I mentioned in the last post I am working on an icon set that will be used in Toolbar Buttons as well as my other extensions. It is based on the famfamfam silk icon set. Except it will have more icons, all the ones I need that it does not have, and more sizes. The famfamfam set only has 16x16. Below is a preview image of some of the icons.

Preview Image

When I am ready to release the icons I will announce it in a post here. So stay tuned, and subscribe to the feed to keep up to date.

Blog Bar Maker

by Michael

By blog bar I mean something like this

The easy thing about this, is you jut plug in your text and colors, and 2 seconds later, you have an image. Try it out

If you find any bugs, please either Email Me or report it here.