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Version 0.6 - a bug fix & a little new

by Michael

I have finally finished version 0.6 of Toolbar Buttons. I think I fixed more bugs in this release then any other I have done. Manly because I kept putting off releasing it; for two reasons. One was I could not find a few hours together to release it (normally takes about 3 or so hours once everything is take into account). Plus I made changes that meant I had to update the Custom Toolbar Button Maker.

I now have a week off, so I finished of Toolbar Buttons and rewrote the Custom Toolbar Button Maker; that was a lot of fun, been itching to do it. After studying SQL for 6 months I manged it make it a lot faster, and a lot less code, almost 400 lines shorter. 400 lines that can't possibly have bugs in it.

There are eight new buttons, much fewer that I would have liked. The request list has grown much more than that.