Archive for April 2008

Toolbar Buttons

by Michael

Another update of Toolbar Buttons has been released. It fixed a number of minor issues that had been reported in the previous release. There where no major changes though.

The think it should be the last one in the 0.5.0 branch of Toolbar Buttons. The next release should be 0.5.5 unless any unexpected bugs are found. The plans for 0.5.5 is to start to change the icons and add the next 15 or so wanted buttons.

Text Formatting Toolbar 0.1.4

by Michael

I have finally released version 0.1.4 of the Text Formatting Toolbar. It has a lot of little fixes that needed to be done along with two major new features.

I have been asked to include a number of less common tags. I have now implemented a way of creating your own. To find out more about it you can read my tutorial

There is also a feature that is used to create and store posts the can be then used as a template/canned reply etc. It is also great because it gives you a backup of the post, and a friendly environment in which to write it. Some people have found other uses for it, such as a note taker.

The other change to the extension was I changed all the icons to those I had created for the Pastel SVG icon set.

Pastel SVG Icons

by Michael

A few posts back I mentioned that I was in the process of producing an icon set that I intend to use in my extensions, and also make a Firefox and Thunderbird theme out of. I have now uploaded the set and you can get them from the Pastel SVG Icons home page. There are almost 500 icons, my target is somewhere in the 1250 range, so that is not quite half way.

Sharp Color Picker Update

by Michael

About a week ago someone contacted me about buying a copy of my Sharp Color Picker. It set me thinking about ways I could improve it. A number of things I came up with that can now be seen in the new version I have put up were. The color pallet should be more vertical then horizontal, this puts closely related colors together more. Some Darken and Lighten color buttons would help for fine tuning the color as could some boxes around the current color to show slight variations. I also added a primitive color wheel, as best as could be done in HTML with out making it too slow. Plus I made it look more presentable and fixed/improved a few minor things. If you have not already done so it is worth having another look at

Also I just put up a image scroller that looks kind of like some flash banners I have seen, expect it is all done in just HTML/JavaScript.