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New Extension Releases

by Michael

Just in the past two days I have released one new extension and an update to another. Both of which warrant a mention.

Send Page via Email is designed to bring a feature that is in IE into Firefox. As with every IE feature it can be used as a reason not to use Firefox, even if it does everything else so much better. When the menu item for it, that can be found in the tools menu, is click it opens up the default mail client with an attachment of the current page. Depending on what email client the recipient uses the web page will normally be displayed in the message body when it is received.

Also there has been another update to Toolbar Buttons in which a number of reported bugs were resolved. The changes where

  • Fixed the page zoom buttons for Firefox 3
  • Fixed a typo in the 'Toggle Read' buttons' tooltip
  • Fixed a bug in the Real Next/Previous button
  • Reverted the implementation of the Read Mail/News buttons to be more reliable in Firefox 2. The Firefox 3 betas still use the less reliable implimention.
  • Fixed a few other minor errors that were thrown when some buttons were not in use.

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