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Firefox Download Counter

by Michael

Over the past few days I have finish a script that displays the number of Firefox downloads as either an image or text from a JavaScript file. Visit Firefox Downloads to get the code snippets to insert into your own site to display the results.

Firefox Downloads

The first method of displaying the download count is an image like the one of the left. Six different colors are provided to match your sites design. There is also the option of getting an image with just the numbers it it along with an example of how to make it overlap another image to make the two look like one.

There is also the JavaScript option, that is really cool since it updates the number every second to follow as close as possible what the real download count would be.

Icon Getter

I have also been developing a tool that handles ICO (windows icons) files. The first feature is that it can extract icons out of .EXE files. For example it can get the Firefox logo out of the firefox.exe. The next part of the tool is converting ICO files to PNG since they are better supported by most image editors. And finally packaging up several PNG files into one ICO file that can be used in Windows or as your site's favicon.ico

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