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Custom Link Buttons

by Michael

So I have finally done what I promised quite a few people I would do. I have made a tool for making Toolbar Buttons that can go to any link you want. Web site owners are allowed to put the extension's it creates on their own site provided they give a link back to the tool.

It has quite a few a few options. The URL, extension name, the button label etc. and Three methods of picking what icon the button will use. It can be one of several supplied, the site favicon or one of your own images. All images are resized to the correct sizes needed by the extension.

There is also the possibility of updating the extension should you change your home page or sites icon but to do so you need the extensions id and password, which is provided when it is first created. If you loose the password feel free to contact me and I can help you out. Updates to handle new versions of Firefox will be provided by me as well.

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