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General Updates

by Michael

It has been a little time since I last posted anything, so a little update on what I have been doing. Well first there has been the redesign of both this site and which is owned by a friend of mine. I also launched for the purpose of making long links shorter.

Along with redesigning the site I added extra content. I added a new section called Tech Stories which some may find interesting.

There is also a new section called the JavaScript Tory Store where I have various widgets such as a Color Picker. Along with a few you can add to your own site, such as a Slide Show, Image Loader and more.

There has also been the official release of the Toolbar Buttons that was in its beta when I last posted. Along with a number of bug fixes it contained over a dozen new buttons. I am now working on the next version that should again contain many new buttons.

Also thanks to Neil Smithline (for the donation) this site now supports using HTTPS. This mean I can continue supplying updates though this site (most of them go though but for example the Custom Toolbar Button Maker does not so that will continue to work under Firefox 3 which requires secure update (extension gets disabled with out it).

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