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Betas Available

by Michael

For those interested there is now a beta for Toolbar Buttons 0.45 available. The only reason it remains a beta is because it lacks all the required translations. So if you don't use the English (us) version of Firefox/Thunderbird it will not work at all. Everyone else should be able to upgrade risk free. A list of new buttons would be as follows :

  • Change Text Direction
  • Toggle Animation
  • Toggle Flash
  • Toggle Movies
  • Toggle iframes (blocks some ads)
  • Toggle embedded content
  • Toggle Cookies
  • Switch dictionary
  • Toggle Popups
  • Reload Skip Cache
  • Show Current Frame
  • Inbox Folder
  • Send & Receive
  • Reply to Sender Only
  • Create Filter
  • Skip Trash
  • Edit Draft
  • Return Receipt

There are also a few other betas available for download including one for the Text Formatting Toolbar. It has quite a number of new features, but none of them quite finalized. An example of new feature is the custom tags that allow easy creation of your own bbcode/wiki tags that are not in the default set.

There is also a bbcode/wiki composer for creating and storing templates, or just getting posts ready before hand. It lacks a preview feature currently so might not be of great use.

There is also a beta for AdSense Earnings but that is only "under the hood" changes that don't do anything noticeable but pave the way for some big changes