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hi was just installing for a new user and redownloaded custom buttons individually as before namely toggle images and toggle java active scripting v i think whatever the current one is as of posting ;)
basically the buttons do nothing they cant be toggled and have no effect

i then emailed the old version buttons i had saved to myself and installed those and indeed they work properly!

so i think u may have done something bad :)
i have flashblock 1.5.5 installed on this new go and a newer flasgot installed which is really the only thing different on this new machine
ff v

i didnt try your version of flash toggle as it could do with some more info about it maybe ?

but thanks to you for the toggle madness :) i was going mad going to options all the time till i discovered this :)
flasgot = flashgot btw (the file downloading thingy)

and btw u have a bit of a strange page about installing addons help...

u seemed to have missed the thing staring you in the face.... the easiest way is .... drag and drop ;)
i always tend to download the xpi and archive it and drag n drop it

i havent bothered in the slightest checking out much about ff v 3.. tho its interesting what u say about the required https thing... what about offline installation then ? it still lets peep download and do from disk ?

save u some money perhaps ?:)
If you know you know about drag and drop you would soon work out that you can also use it for add-ons, so you would not read that page. If you don't I am not going to confuse you.

I fixed a bug in the extension the other day and I made a typo. One / missing from line 288 was causing some data to be lost and the packaged extension to not work.

The https thing is for updates.
Did you know that Firefox 3 will require secure updates?

. So if I put an update link into the extension that is no secure and you install it in Firefox 3 you will find it gets disabled. After I asked for the donation I got it in a matter of days, so I did not pay anything in the end besides the time to took to set up.

Have I helped you? Do you like my add-ons?
Would you consider donating to show your appreciation for my efforts?


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