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I tried to put the "text formatting" buttons on Thunderbird, saved the file to my hard drive & then when I tried to install the extension, it said this wasn't compatible with Thunderbird. I'm using version

Any suggestions?
It is not designed to work in Thunderbird, so don't go trying to get it to install. Even if you did, it would do nothing useful.

Thunderbird already has a toolbar in the compose window to format the text, problem is it will not show if you have it set to use only plain text in emails not HTML/Rich Text. As the FAQ says you need to go to the Tools menu then Account settings etc to change the setting. Have you done so?

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FINALLY! :-) I've been asking for help at work & trying to understand why this disappeared at some point when our work email server has changes a few times, but THANK YOU for however this helped get it back...

I will say some other site indicated this was a good place to get text formatting stuff & thought it said Thunderbird, too, but who knows....much appreciated.

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