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The FF window is open, clicking on the tray icon, it will open a new window(with my default open rule, black page). Click it again it will open another, click again and it will open another, etc...

The following options are set (checked):
- Minimize to the tray on close
- Always show tray icon
- Only ever show one tray icon
- Restore window instead of opening new

I thought the "Restore window instead of opening new" would stop this problem. But checking it or not does not seem to change the fact that clicking on the tray icon a new window will open. I thought this was a clash with Tab Mix Plus add-on as I turned on the "one window" mode. But uninstalling TabMixPlus does not seem to solve the problem.

The strange thing is, the exact same version of MinimizeToTray Plus is installed in Tbird, and it's working perfectly, ie clicking on the tray icon will not do anything if Tbird window is already open.

I first thought this was some new feature for the add-on, before I did my bit of examination so to speak, without thinking this through, I posted a bad review for the add-on. So I am sorry about the bad review, I can't seem to remove it after posting it. :( If anyone knows how, let me know!

My current setup:
Windows 7 64 bit ultimate
Firefox 3.6.13
Tbird 3.0.11

MinimizeToTray Plus 1.0.8

Other FF addons:
Adblock plus 1.3.3
All in one sidebar 0.7.12
British English Dictionary 1.13.1
Dictionary Switcher 1.0.1
DownThemAll! 1.1.10
English(Australian) Dictionary 2.1.1
FoxClocks 2.6.18
Toobar Buttons

It was supposed to be a "feature", but I had many people say they don't like it. I am changing the behaviour in the next release. Clicking the tray icon then will minimise the window if it has none to restore.

As for the review, don't worry I may appeal it at some later stage when I feel like getting them cleaned up.

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