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Hi there...
Thanks for using the minimise to tray tool in Mozilla Firefox!

Some options who can make the tool more user-friendly...

- Create the option who can make it able to change the icon on the system tray. The reason why is easy. Nobody can think about u are using the tool.
- The possibility of using the ESC ore F12 key...
The most important who i've forgotten...

The ability to protect it with a password, 'before' maximization...


1) Changing the icon - sorry that one is hard, not really worth the effort just so you can have the icon look different.
2) Changing the keyboard shortcut - kind of messy as Firefox does not have an easy way to make it configurable. There are extensions that can do this to all keyboard shortcuts, I recommend you find one.
3) Password protection - never going to do that, ever. At best it would give a false sense of security. There is no way I could make it effective.

Sorry to throw a lot of cold water over all your requests, but I don't feel they are what is right for my extension.

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