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I like the extension Minimize To Tray Plus 1.0.8 very much. But there is one problem for those who use Dutch as their locale language. The phrase "Load Thunderbird in quick launch mode at system startup" was translated miserably. It now says "Toepassing starten met vensters", which means literally "Start application with windows".
But nobody ever translates the brand name Windows to "Vensters" in The Netherlands. So the translation makes no sense and is confusing. It should be something like: "Start Thunderbird in snelstart-modus als het systeem gestart wordt ". Maybe you can change this in the next release. Thanks.
Hi De Jong,

Thanks for the feed back about the translation. But in the translators defense, it is not so much a really bad translation but that when I changed the English string to make it clearer what was going on they did not change their translation - something that I have always worried about when changing a string. Maybe when I release the next version I should rename the string as I am looking to change it again - I want to remove all references to "quick launch" as it is confusing people. But I see what you mean about translating the brand-name, that does not seam good.

I use BabelZilla to get the translations done, if you would like to sign up, you could fix the translation. The link to the extension is

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