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Sometimes (every fifteenth time or so) if I minimize the Thunderbird window it becomes invisible but doesn�t really go to the tray. The tray icon is shown but also the button in the taskbar, indicating the window is still there. If I try to click on objects lying behind the invisible window it has no effect. So Thunderbird is still there but not visible.

I tried to reproduce this error but didn�t find a way. It just happens occasionally (but sometimes three times in a row). It is independent from minimizing via window button or button in the taskbar.

By the way: I use MinimizeToTray Plus 1.0.9 in Thunderbird 3.1 for Windows with wine 1.0 on my Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04 LTS) system.
Hi Gerhard Gro�Ÿmann

I am working right now to change how the extension works internally, hopefully that will fix a lot of the strange problems, like this, I am having. There is not a lot of point in investigating the issue in detail right now. However if this issue persists after a few updates, then do come back and post again and I will do my best to find the cause.

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