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Your Toolbar Buttons has to be one of the coolest extentions I have run into. I am currently running Firefox with the following extensions/add-ons installed:

Adblock Plus w/ Filterset G updater v0.7.51
Configuration Mania v1.08
Custom Buttons^2 v2.0.5.2 (NOT ENABLED)
CustomizeGoogle v0.61
Fasterfox v2.0.0
IE Tab v1.3.3
Image Zoom v0.3
Menu Editor v1.2.3.3
Tab Mix Plus v0.3.6
Toolbar Buttons v0.4.1.7

This issue I am getting occurs when I utilize the "Bookmark menu" button.

After I open the browser and I right click on a bookmark under the bookmark menu button so that context menu appears, the only context item visible is for IE Tab. The next time I right click on any bookmark, 2 instances of the IE tab item will appear. With every subsequent viewing of the context menu another instance of the IE tab is added to the context menu (so seven right clicks = 7 IE tab options on the menu). This will occur with any bookmark with exception of those inside a folder. Now, I can view the entire context menu by going to a bookmark that is inside of a folder on the bookmark menu button, there is no problem here, I can view it as many times as I want and no extra instances of the IE tab item appear. But If I then go back to any bookmark that is not in a folder the full context menu will now be visible, but there will be 2 instances of the IE tab item reduced from however many there were before (if there had been 7 it would go to 2).
Hopufully this makes sense, I can send screen shots if you would like. Also I have tried several combinations of the extentions I have installed and none make it go away, including only using IE tab and Toolbar buttons. I know this is not a major issue, but I wanted to bring it to your attention.

Anyway thanks for the cool extention.

Does it happen if you put other bookmarks besides the IE on in the list? A Screen Shot would be good.

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Well, first of all its not a bookmark to IE. It is the context menu item for the extension IE tab, which allows the page/site to be displayed using IE either with in Firefox or you can have it open an instance of IE to display the page. Here are the screen shots:
1) First attempt at accessing the context menu looks like this. The only option for me to access is the IE tab item.

2) Successive attempts at accessing the context menu result in larger numbers of the IE Tab context item being present like so...


3) The context menu works fine when I try to access it through a bookmark that is in a bookmark folder.

4) When I go back to a bookmark that is not in a folder I can access the full context menu, but there are 2 instances of the IE tab item.

5) With each successive attempt to access the menu another instance of the IE Tab item will appear (This is after 5 attempts)

6) If at any time I try to access the context menu from a bookmark that is within a folder then access the context menu on a non foldered bookmark the context menu will be "reset" back to the 2 instances of the IE tab item like shown above.

7) The number of IE tab instances on the context menu can also be reset by restarting firefox.

Hopefully these pictures will help clear up what I was talking about. The problem is kind of annoying since I have to right click on a bookmark within a folder to be able to access the context menu for the non-foldered bookmarks.

Also, I tried using your custom Toolbar buttons because there were a few buttons on there that are not in the normal release (Restart Tabbed in particular), but I keep getting an error message when I try to install it.

Error: " nsresult: "0x80520012 (NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND)" location: "JS frame :: file:///C:/Program%20Files/Mozilla%20Firefox/components/nsExtensionManager.js :: anonymous :: line 1281" data: no]
Source File: file:///C:/Program%20Files/Mozilla%20Firefox/components/nsExtensionManager.js
Line: 1281

As I don't do any coding I don't really know what this means or how to try to fix it.


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Thanks for the screen shots, a picture is the thousand words (check the file size and you will see I am not joking :P ). I also use IE tab, so I could check this out for my self too. Though it is really a bug in IE tab that it keeps adding more items, I have fixed it by getting all of the menu items belonging to it skipping the first one and deleting the rest just after it opens. When I release the 0.4.5 version this bug fix will be in it, if you want it right now I could email it to you.

If you think there are buttons in the Custom Toolbar Buttons that are not in Toolbar Buttons you are greatly mistaken. Since the Custom Toolbar Buttons ( for anyone else reading this) generates its data base of buttons from the Toolbar Buttons source code. So if it is not in Toolbar Buttons it can't get into the Custom Toolbar Buttons. The restart Tabbed is there, you just need to look again.

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Yeah, sorry the pictures were so large. I will make some comments to the IE tab creator and see what they can do about it as well.

Yeah, the missing "Restart tabbed." I REALLY need to look with my eyes. It was there I just missed all 4 times I looked. Thanks for the replies.

I can wait for the official release. Thanks for all of your help.


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