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Windows XP SP3
Firefox 3.6.3
MTT Pro 1.0.8

MTT settings:
Always minimize to tray ... (ON)
Minimize to tray on close (ON)
Require a double click ... (OFF)
Always show tray icon (ON)
Only ever show one tray icon (ON)
Restore window instead of opening new (ON)
Load Firefox ... (OFF)

When clicking the tray icon, a new window is opened instead of activating the existing window. Right-clicking the tray icon shows New Window on bold as default. This conflicts with the "Restore window..." setting. I never want more than one Firefox window (session) open at the same time. MTT on Thunderbird behaves correctly with exactly the same settings.

Comments please?
Thunderbird enforces only having one main window open, so it is of course going be behave like you want. However I will be changing how Firefox works in the next release so that it will be closer to what you want, and hopefully more user friendly.

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