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While I spotted a couple messages that touched on the subject, I'm still not quite sure I read one that was specifically this error. First, here are my specs:

Windows XP Home
Firefox 3.6.3
MinimizeToTray Plus 1.0.8

The issue I am specifically having is when I begin to open new windows. I seem to have no problems when I do it from the menu, nor do I always have the problem with MinimizeToTray Plus (it generally starts off fine the first time or two). But after you begin to use the add-on enough, the restore/maximize button is disabled, not including that the only way to resize the window is by the lower right grip (not any of the window's sides). Sounds like your code is including something that is changing or restricting the restore state of the window (i.e., changing the type to dialog). Haven't worked with Firefox code at all, but it seems as though you're going to have to remember the last restore/size data (sounds like fun :\).
It started to happen in Firefox 3.6, the way I was opening the windows worked before that. But I have got a fix, just have not got around to releasing it yet.

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