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There are two specific buttons within Toolbar Buttons I'm talking about here.

I'm specifically trying to get the javascript code for the buttons "go to top of page" and "go to bottom of page." This should be an easy question to answer, and yes, it's clear I don't know javascript. I would think getting the code for a particular command button would be easy.

I use the keyconfig extension and I want to make a key command for "go to top of page" and "go to bottom of page" but I don't know the javascript code for that command.

Figuring out the javascript code for other buttons could also be helpful. I tried "about:config" but couldn't find anything.
You want


The extension is just a zip file so you can unpack by renaming to it a .zip and unzipping it. The same thing needs to be done for a .jar file you will find inside it. Then look for files ending in .xul then you need to find stuff like this.

	class="toolbarbutton-1 firefoxButton"

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